This is How You Stay Safe When Operating a Drone

Drones are no more some futuristic device which we used to see in sci-fi movies. They are used many times. Since they are used frequently, there are some things which we need to follow being a newcomer. The above infographics describe the safety measures which we need to follow while riding a drone. The infographic tells us about the safety measures which we need to follow as it is capable of accidents and property damage.

The layout of the poster is quite simple with minimal content. The content is conveyed in a great manner with more of a graphic element which makes it easier to understand. Although the content is kept minimal, there are some parts where the information is a little too much. Since their main motive was to give as much as information in a simpler, easier way, the overall layout is a little overwhelming.

The usage of graphic elements is quite great, but the proportion is quite unsettling. The overall theme is kept casual and fun to read, understand and follow. The distribution of the content is systematic and aligned. There are some parts where unnecessary content is added. There are also some places where the text could have been in the form of bullets where they have written in paragraphs.

The overall layout of the poster is quite inviting and fun. It is such that it is capable of catching someone’s attention. The font size is also ideal making the text easier to read. The graphic elements made are also on point, conveying the right information. The overall color scheme is kept subtle, making it a little boring, but it makes it look professional. The color scheme can be a little brighter to create a greater impact, but overall fits with the theme of the infographic poster.

drone safety infographic