The 20 Most Stolen Cars in United Kingdom

This infographic is pretty colorful and the primary colors used throughout the website are black, orange and red. Since this is an automobile company website and reports all forms of information about all forms of automobiles, the website makes use of high-quality pictures of the cars. They have also made it a point to mention the name of the car in big, black, bold letters in order to divert the attention of the reader directly to the name. The picture of the car is directly followed by this loud heading which creates a greater impact on the mind of the reader.

The colors used on the website are successful in holding the attention of the reader and also break the monotony of the black and white of the font of the website. The headings for the different topics that are mentioned on the website are also pretty loud and immediately attracts the attention of the reader. Overall the website is a cross between a blog and an E-commerce website.

The problems with the website are not many. The biggest problem is the size of the font used along with the color of the text. The headings and the text used in the website are of the same color due to which the transition is not very smooth. Moreover, the size of the font is too small for a user to read. The pictures of the different cars also take up a lot of space which makes the font look even smaller in comparison. The pictures and the area for the font could have been easily adjusted in order to create a more impactful website. Overall, this website is pretty good in providing content, but the display of the content and the pictures does not soothe the eye.

stolen cars infographic