Stats and Facts About Car Accident Injuries

Looking at this infographic it is not clear whether it is about NY driving safety or about the law when it comes to accidents and injuries. The title is further down than it should be for convenience, but the hang is quickly eliminated once the eyes land on it. After the title, there is a small section that is really not as clear in terms of what it represents and the presentation quickly proceeds to the types of collisions and injuries they result into which is the major focus area. It is creatively done with gray colors dominating it and the hints of soft blue give the presentation an appealing look and it is very easy to read through the texts.

The fonts used are large enough so they are easy on the eyes and there are just enough details in each injury. The collisions are encompassed in hexagons that creatively form an arrow leading to the injuries resulting. The collision types are done over accident images that make the background which is something that makes the presentation look very professional. The design easily shows the seriousness of the accidents and at the same time has a softness that makes the reader eager to read and understand everything related.

The infographic carries few images, percentages, and figures all of which come with the relevant information relating to them. The sections are not overly done so it takes only a few minutes to read through the display and actually understand the collisions and injury types they come with. At the end of the presentation, there is a short section showing the percentage of women and men drivers involved in accidents complete with the simple images distinguishing the genders. It is generally a very comfortable display to read.

infografic about accident injuries