Stats About Car Accidents in Montana

This infographic is about Car accident Statistics in the state of Montana. It starts with explaining that Montana has a huge number of people dying in accidents and ranks high in the same. It shares some of the statistics like the percentage of serious and moderate injuries etc. It emphasizes that ‘The Advocate Law” can help a lot in case of any accidents and then continues to show some more statistics about the causes of accidents and the Insurance companies estimate of the frequency of such accidents.

The infographic is visually appealing at first sight. The colors White, Blue and Mustard look good in contrast and bring the reader’s attention to the right places first. The digital graphics are also sorted and go along with the serious and informative content. The design and format are the best part of this infographic, but the content could have been better. It is structured properly in the available space and does not look cluttered. It depends on a lot of numerical facts to convey its message, but the numbers are presented in a way that they do not look boring or too much to grasp. The main message is stated in between the facts which breaks the flow of the reader and seems a little misplaced and out of place there. It would have been better if it had been stated after all the facts. The facts are stated clearly, but the purpose is not conveyed as well as the facts, figures and other statistics and hence the intention remain ambiguous.

There are many statistics being used to educate the reader, but the sources of these statistics have not been stated so it is not possible to know how reliable the information is. In the end it is written that for more information one can visit the website, but the name of the website has not been provided.

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