Stats and Facts About Car Accidents

This infographic is all about insurance claims included in a motor vehicle accident. The design is simple and the whole of the article sticks to that same uniform style from start to finish and this gives the page some sort of a unity in itself.

The colors used are quite complementary. On one hand, we have the dark background which is topped by the faded cyan that stands out quite elegantly on it. Other symbols and quirks have been covered using a brighter shade of cyan, this does make it stand out really well. The text has been done in a white shade which completely sets it apart from the design elements. Different text elements of different priorities have been emphasized with the help of text size.

The content through the article is quite up to point, but it somehow feels uneasy to navigate through the content considering all the similar looking text.

The layout could have been made better by having more emphasized headers and content headings that actually did stand out at one glance. There is a confusion among the header sizes and weights in this article.
The graphic images used in here are truly very simple and suggest the exact topics being discussed in the text to the readers mind. This does help to suggest the reader what the text is all about.

Overall, this is quite a neat piece of work which conveys the message in a very simple and in a very understandable way. The colors used do emphasize this piece of work well and the two dimensional images used in here also complement the content that is featured at each point. Although the content could have been easier to read, the lack of a solid good layout did bring this one down one bit.

auto insirance infographic