Stats About Eye Injures at Work

The infographic on eye injuries at the workplace is an informative one that helps people to become aware of the possible injuries that their eyes can suffer at the workplace while helping them to take precautionary measures for the same.

It represents the facts and figures in a catchy manner which helps people to get an idea about the deadly consequences of such injuries. The statistics related to the occurrence of accidents as well as the severity of the consequences have been highlighted appropriately. The use of funky fonts and a variety of colors help the figures to register into the minds of those readers who would otherwise find such statistical data boring. Also, the cartoons of employees working at the different sectors make it more interesting and attractive.

The extensive research that the creators have done deserve appreciation along with the listicle structure in which they have represented the information gathered. The infogram explains the potential threats for the different industries and lists the precautionary measures that one can take in a bullet form, thus making it easy to read. The selection of fonts makes it look sober yet striking.

Apart from teaching the employees about the safety measures they can take, it has also been successful in highlighting the responsibility of the employers or managerial bodies in this regard. Due to the presence of such extensive information, the infographic has become somewhat long and many of the readers may lose interest while scrolling down. However, it will prove to be helpful for those who are in search of tips and tricks that will be useful in protecting their eyes at workplace and also for the authorities who are responsible for maintaining a healthy and safe environment at the workplace.

eye injuries at work infographic