Statistics of Car Crashes in USA

There’s a high incidence of road traffic accidents in the United States. In fact, it’s believed that it has the highest number of road-related accidents compared to other high-income countries. This is despite progress being made over the last 13 years, where there was a 31 percent drop in vehicular death rate. By comparison, 19 similarly high-income countries saw a decline of 56 percent.

Analysing the reasons behind this poor average can help drivers make informed decisions when on the road. Breaking down the details into easily digestible chunks can give people a better idea of what actions can lead to motor vehicle accidents. This infographic does exactly that by helping you understand the details of car accidents in the country.

The Layout

The layout is simple, which is a good thing. It presents the information in an easy-to-read manner with the statistics highlighted in larger fonts to catch the eye. However, certain points could have been laid out better. For example, the seatbelt section could have had a heading like the Distracted Driving section instead of just being boxed in to introduce the topic. This would make it pop when you zoom out. The seatbelt icon could have been better too, perhaps showing a seated figure with the belt across.

The Content

The content is informative enough. It covers the statistics, cause of death and injury, and how preventive measures can reduce the risk of the same. Readers will have little trouble understanding the details and should be able to come away with enough information to help them.

The Verdict

The infographic is pretty straightforward. It sifts through the pile to get to the details and presents them in an easy-to-read manner. The font goes well with the background and the overall effect is pleasing to the eye. Save for the seatbelt bit, it does a good job of presenting the facts.

car accidents inforgraphic