This is Why You Shouldn’t Be Texting While Driving

This infographic has blue and various tones of pink for its colors and unfortunately they do not work on making it appealing in any way. But then again, maybe this was intentional considering that the topic is in the danger of texting while driving which obviously can’t lead to anything good. They actually create a deathly feel that is made even stronger by the big images of car crashes that are as a result of the habit of texting and driving.

The strip is too small to read without zooming even for the title. Upon zooming, everything spills meaning that the reader would have to keep scrolling horizontally and vertically to read. When too much effort is needed to read content, it is easy for readers to get frustrated thus they do not read through. It is also an issue that could affect the flow of readers meaning it could get hard to them to grasp most points.

The presentation has so many divisions that it is hard to tell how many sections are there and what areas they tackle as far as the topic goes. All the texts also come with backgrounds that meant to bring more relevance to them but unfortunately, this ends up making the display chaotic. Most of the inclusions are absolutely unnecessary; reading would have been easier if they were done sparingly.

The infographic carries very important information and would go a long way in changing the habit of texting while driving. The presentation is however not well-executed and the main goal gets lost somewhere within all the chaos. It is actually not even possible to read most of the percentages and words, making the background for the sections. The eyes are all over the display that losing interest in such an important topic comes easy.

inforgraphs about text driving