Recreational Boat Accident Stats

This is a short infographic containing only three sections that are short and precise. It is one of those presentations, readers can go quickly over and still grasp the important content. Blue and maroon are the colors used on this display and they are presented in cool tones that make reading very comfortable. They may be dull, but considering that it is content about boating accidents the colors do serve the dark subject just fine.

The heading is in capital letters, but not necessarily as big. At the top corners, there are images of boats on the water, which complement the headline and topic appropriately. The presentation goes straight into the statistics in the first section talking about the number of registered watercrafts and deaths. The texts accompanying the numbers are of good size and can be read comfortably without any changes needed.

The second section highlights the causes of the accidents. The four causes are presented in circles with half of the circle being an image and the other half is the cause. The images are relevantly selected and make the brief section very relevant even without going too much into details. The third section is just as brief as the first and second and it is about states that have the highest numbers of the accidents. There is a bar graph with the states and the number of accidents for each. To complete the section there is a map with those states highlighted on it.

This infographic does not have too many details and it quickly goes over the topic. It is however still relevant and passes the important message across without taking up too much time for the readers or becoming boring. The fonts, images and colors work together harmoniously and space is also well utilized.

cool data visualization about boat crashes