What are the Psychological Effects of a Burglary?

Burglaries at homes are a common mishap that can often cause a myriad of problems to the inhabitants of the home and this infographic clearly yet briefly represents the various effects of such events.

Design – The design is very simple and minimalist as well which suits the subject being presented quite well. There is no excess flare to attract the attention of the readers as the matter is grave and serious. The infographic is divided into three broad sections, each dealing with a particular issue and the information has been very briefly incorporated with the use of a few graphics and brief survey results.

Presentation – It presents the information obtained from several surveys on people who have had their houses burgled. It is brief and to the point and indicates the major concern that adults and children face after their house has been burgled. The presentation is crisp and has a serious tone to go with the subject matter of this graphic representation.

Structure – Having a regular rectangular shape, this info graphic is good for being used on websites, blogs, community pages, support and help groups, etc. It can be used on various social media platforms for the purpose of general awareness and to help people cope up with unwanted situations like burglaries. Not really material for cool or light reading or for being used on entertainment websites.

Color – Though this isn’t a professional info graphic, yet it deals with the survey results of a serious social issue and thus, not many colors have been used in this presentation. The background color is the universal white with the information being presented in another universal color black. Though a few images have been used, they are pretty basic, and only help convey the information, than being preppy or attractive.

awesome data visualization about burglary effects

Source: verisure.co.uk