Marking Floors to Communicate Social Distancing

This infographic aims at supporting marking floors as the most effective way to communicate social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic. It also introduces the different types of floor marking, the areas where they can be installed, as well as some other helpful tools for communicating social distancing.

Layout and Design

The highlighted words “marking floors” and “social distancing” in the title at the top help the reader quickly understand the topic that is presented. Right underneath, one can find an image of two workers with a floor sticker between them marking the recommended six feet distance, which helps one further get the idea.

In the second part, the reader can find information about the four different types of floor marking for social distancing. All of them are presented with the use of eye-catching images and short explanatory texts.

Some areas where one can easily install floor markings are illustrated in the third part, once again with relevant images and as little text as possible.

In the fourth and last part, four other types of signage for communicating social distancing are presented – each one of them with a framed subheading, a big image and a short explanatory paragraph.


The reader can quickly and easily navigate through the presented information thanks to the graphic’s straight-forward layout and design.

Easy-to-read fonts and headings in bold letters and colored frames are used throughout. At the same time, the eye-catching and to the point images help one quickly and easily understand the idea that is presented in each part of the graphic, without even having to read everything carefully.


The infographic succeeds in presenting the required information in a creative way that is both comprehensible and friendly to the eye of the reader.

infographic about marking floors for social distancing