What to Look for When Buying a Booster Seat?

This infographic is very detailed but systematically presented with appropriate displays to drive home the key concept of child safety while in a car. A brief analysis of the features that makes this design interesting, informative and visually appealing, is as follows:-

  1. Icons or Symbols: Since an infographic needs to communicate more within a limited space, the use of appropriate symbols or icons is utmost important. This design uses apt icons like that of an infant, harness, vehicle seat etc. Particularly interesting is the icon of booster seat belts which allows the user to visualise the benefit.
  1. Arrangement: The flow of the infographic is sequential/chronological and guides the reader of safety measures from the infant stage of a child up to the pre-teens. The use of dashed lines and a picture of a child helps to identify the stage without reading through the text. The installation guide right at the bottom of the design highlights the various steps clearly. This bifurcation allows the reader to skip certain sections which are not relevant to him/her.
  1. Colour combination: The design uses multiple colours at certain places which is necessary to show actual pictures or animation. However, the predominant colours are white, red and black. This combination looks great at the beginning where the images and text are spread out. However, in the latter section where the installation description begins, the colour ‘red’ gets in your face. Probably, this is more due to the background colour of longer headings.
  1. Headings and Text: The topic of child safety and installation guide required more explanation and hence the design uses text appropriately. All bullets used in the various stages are concise and clear. However, the beginning two paragraphs are a little verbose and generic. This could be avoided to make the design more compact.

This infographic is informative yet simple. The written content along with appropriate display pictures help to drive home the importance of child safety and guides the parents to make an informed decision.

child safety info graphics

Source: drivingtest.ca