Leading Causes of Workplace Injuries

This infographic design explains the causes of injuries at the workplace with funny illustrations. It communicates the message efficiently and keeps the viewer engaged with the amusing graphics and pictures.

The most striking feature of the infographic is the use of plenty of pictures and graphics all placed neatly without causing any clutter. The layout is reader-friendly, and so are the fonts and the font sizes. The designer has limited the use of different kinds of fonts, which would have otherwise made the infographic look clumsy.

The introduction has been written in white font on a red background which instantly catches the attention of viewers. And too much data is very dull and boring, but all the numbers are arranged in such as way that it is comfortable for the reader to decipher the information and the statistical data. All the critical facts and figures have been highlighted in contrasting colors which make it convenient to comprehend the infographic effortlessly.

The significant data are highlighted in red and have a bigger font size. The color palate has also been sensibly used. There is red, blue, orange, gray, white, blue and yellow. Although extensive use of multiple colors is not usually preferred in infographics, but, this design looks interesting and beautiful. The Illustrations and the graphics are also attractive. The illustrations have simple structures, but they are great to look at.

The only drawback of this infographic is that it contains too much text, so for a person who doesn’t like going through heaps of content, this infographic might seem less interesting. However, the designer has made best efforts to keep the views engaged by using the right colors, the right fonts and the right type of illustrations and graphics. One look at the infographic and you will get the gist.

Workplace injuries infographic

Source: creativesafetysupply.com