How to Prevent a Car Accident

This infographic aims at providing information on safe driving in Fresno, California. More specifically, it presents five tips car drivers should follow in order to prevent a car accident.

The topic is presented at the top, with the help of an eye-catching heading in grey, blue and green letters, carefully placed on a contrasting white background. Under the heading, the reader can find a short intro paragraph, which helps them further understand the subject. The list with the five tips starts right beneath.

The first tip is about respecting the speed limit. It is introduced with a big “1” number and subheading, carefully placed on a contrasting background. Right next, one can find a short paragraph with more details about the certain tip, as well as a pictogram that helps the reader get the idea with just a glimpse.

The same way, the reader can find the rest of the tips on how to prevent a car accident, the one under the other. All of them are presented with a numbered title, an image and an explanatory text.

The second tip is about staying off of the phone while driving. The third tip suggests not driving under the influence. The fourth tip is about being prepared for all weather types. Finally, the fifth tip is about using the turn signals.

Under this numbered list, the reader can find an eye-catching graph that suggests a 2% decline in deaths caused by car accidents from 2018 to 2019.

The infographic’s readability could have been improved if the explanatory paragraphs were kept a little shorter. However, its straight-forward layout and minimal design helps the reader quickly and easily understand and memorize the information that is presented.

infographic about how to prevent a car accident