Heat Stress and How to Prevent it

This infographic is about heat stress. It contains information on heat-related illnesses and tips on how workers in particular can avoid them.


The colors, images and various elements that are used in the graphic give it a modern touch and a pleasant look-and-feel. At the same time, they make it appealing to the reader.


The layout is very simple. The topic is introduced at the top, where one can also see an eye-catching image of the sun burning and a worker suffering from heat stress.

One can easily notice that the information on the subject is split into three different sections.

The first section of the graphic aims at explaining what heat stress is. The second one presents the levels of severity of heat-related illnesses. Finally, the third one presents some ways employers can protect their employees from heat-related illnesses.


The fonts that are used throughout are easy-to-read. At the same time, all texts are rather short or contain some bullet-points and they are carefully placed on contrasting color backgrounds.

The fact that there is a relevant picture next to each piece of information further boosts the graphic’s readability, by helping the reader quickly get the idea, without necessarily having to read every single word.

Furthermore, there is plenty of blank space left in-between. As a result, the graphic is friendly to the eye of the reader.

Moreover, the consistency in the color palette and the straight-forward layout add to its readability.


The infographic succeeds in providing some useful information on heat-related illnesses and what employers can do in order to prevent them. Its modern design and straight-forward layout encourage the reader to have a closer look and allow for them to quickly go through the information that is presented.

infographic about heat stress and the ways to prevent it

Source: https://www.creativesafetysupply.com/infographics/heat-stress