Halloween Trends and Safety Tips

Halloween is the favorite festival of most of the kids and many adults too. Kids like dressing as popular fantasy characters and going from house to house for tricks and treats. The adults on the other hand decorate their houses and get lots of candies for the kids. It is a really fun day for everyone. There are numerous trends related to Halloween. In order to enjoy it to the fullest, you should try to follow as many trends as possible. Also there are some safety measures you should keep in mind. Often very small mistakes ruin the spirit and excitement of a festival. So, the adults need to be careful that kids do not do anything stupid. With these things in mind, the following infographic is created in order to spread awareness. It contains info about many Halloween related trends and safety tips. It can be very helpful for you.

This infographic starts with a little history of how Halloween became a popular tradition and how it evolved into what it is right now. The popular trends of this festival as shown here are trick or treating, haunted houses and carved pumpkin lanterns. These trends are as old as the festival itself. The modern trends involve costume parties, bonfires, horror movies, etc. New things keep coming every year. According to the estimates shown in this infographic, around $69 billion will be spent on Halloween this year. Out which more than $2 billion will be on candies alone. Greeting cards also have a significant share. For costume inspirations, kids and their parents are taking help of search engines, blogs, social media, etc. The most important thing shown in this infographic is the list of safety measures. It suggests that children under the age of 12 years should have adult supervision. Also, the costumes should be made of fireproof materials. For many other useful safety tips, read the infographic in detail.

Infographic with halloween trends and safety tips

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