GHS Compliance Timeline

The infographic with respect to the GHS Timelines has been created using suitable information and skilful designs. Here are the key features that must be appreciated:

  • We like the way the title has been made catchy using the two colors– black and red.
  • We also like the explanation provided with respect to the GHT mission to make the reader acquainted with the purpose of the article.
  • The greatest thing about the inforaphic is probably the use of the flags of the different countries to tell us about the different GHS timelines.
  • In the left hand side they also have an index of the different flags along with the country name for each flag.
  • The different developments with respect to GHS have been rightly presented in point-form so that one can have a brief idea regarding this without the need to go through long paragraphs.
  • The picture given to illustrate the Sub-committee of experts is a bit funny one and adds to the comic factor of the content.
  • Another thing that deserves mention is the notification of the fact that GHS is not a global law but a system. It is present at the left corner of the in bright red color so that it is able to catch the attention of anyone who is scrolling down the graphic.
  • Also, the number of workers in U.S. that have been affected by GHS has been displayed in the same way such that one who is not interested in reading the other details can at least view it quickly.

Last but not the least, it should be mentioned that the infographic has used contrasting colors for the background and texts so that it appears as an aesthetic and attractive one for the target audience.

ghs graphic chart