Forklift Accidents Stats and Prevention Tips

Even before reading through the infographic, you can tell it is going to be fun thanks to the funny images and the beautiful colors that have been used in the entire presentation. Blue, yellow and gray are the major colors in this image and they have been splashed and mixed up so beautifully that you just feel like reading everything the presentation is about. The title is big, bold and capital letters so you know the information carried is about forklift accidents. The very first image of a person under a loaded forklift work for the title and the details included go to tell more about forklifts.

The figures in the second section of the presentation are easy to comprehend, especially considering that they have brief clear details accompanying them. The colors in the figures are also quite relaxing and attracting to the eyes. After this ten of the most common forklift accidents are highlighted one at a time. It is impressive how each of the accident is detailed with a solution provided for each and appropriate image to accompany it. The subtitles are easy to pick and the fonts used throughout are sizeable enough to read comfortably.

It is amazing how informative the infographic is without necessarily carrying too much information that would otherwise leave it looking busy. The last section offers more forklift safety tips. By the time you finish reading through, you feel quite educated and understand that there are so many ways of avoiding the accidents. The funny images used deliver the message without making the accidents scary. With the images displayed in different parts of the presentation, in the end the approach leaves it looking very well-balanced and professional. It is an easy to read and understand graphic that has worked for all groups targeted.

informational graphics about forklifts