What to Expect from an OSHA Inspection?

The work highlights the different features of an OSHA Inspection so that readers can have a clear idea on what to expect in this type of an inspection. The purpose of this article is to describe it as well as review it thoroughly:

First of all, we would like to appreciate the way it has been explained in steps. The breaking down of the entire process into four steps helps us to understand it better. Also, the main essence of each step has been presented in the form of a sub-heading so that one who lacks time or patience to read the details can at least have some idea by reading the headlines.

Different shades of blue have been used here instead of using some other color, thereby maintaining uniformity. Also, the usage of the different shades helps in bringing about a contrast and making the content visually appealing.

Illustrations with funny characters have made the infographic a lot more interesting. The pictures are so appropriate that even if one does not go through the lines, he can get the steps clear.

Finally, there is a part where you get to know the details regarding violation and penalties. This part is separated from the rest of the content since it cannot be considered as a step but tells you how the results of the inspection will be declared.

The steps have been discussed in the simplest way possible. The content is short and precise yet worthy of reading.

Another thing which must be appreciated is that the contact information of the company has been given at the very end instead of mentioning about the company before. This promotes the company in a very natural way so that one who is interested can contact them for OSHA-related assistance.

osha inspection info graphs

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