Essential Items to Keep in Your Car This Winter

The document summarizes the essentials to have on board your vehicle during the winter in preparation for the journeys. The design is spectacular from the start. The header stands out well and good and there is a bit of ice sweeping in from the top.

The background, and for that matter, almost the entire page is colored in a particular texture that gives form to the page and makes it feel solid and rigid and somehow it looks special. The colors are warm and welcoming. The whites are not too bright and the page isn’t far too dull either. It’s just suit for the winter scheme.

The subheadings follow the same design as that of the main header. This creates some form of uniformity across the page. The pattern is really welcoming. The text is also fairly visible and big enough for notice.

The content might look insufficient at some points of the document although this could be excused mostly because of the way the design compensates for every insufficiency there could be on the page.
The illustrations and the two dimensional art all across the infographic are perfect and convey the right message to the reader.

The layout is also really spacious and gives the reader a lot of ease with navigation combined with the bold subheadings, this becomes such an easy task to find different elements in the document easily.

Overall, this is a spectacular piece of work that utilizes simple and powerful elements of design and illustration together with more subtle content to convey the message to the reader in a very pleasing manner. The background, the texture and the colors have done such an amazing deal of work as they contrast the different elements of the document in a very convincing way as required by the reader

winter journeys infographic