Do you Know How Fatigue Affects your Driving

The graphic tells us about causes, effects of the drowsy driving. The graphic is short and sweet. It is capable of communicating the idea to the readers. Let us talk about the various aspects of the graphic that makes it attention grabbing and increasing traffic.


The design is simple and the background colors suit the text. The creator focused upon the context and then lay out the design. Fragmented into segments, the design allows the reader to take in the content step by step.


The vocabulary used is very easy so that anyone is able to understand the words. The content is simple and no technical jargon is used. The content is okayish as more information could have been provided by the creator.


The colors used are apt according to the topic. The cars smashing and noise caused are all shown in the graphic properly. The creator was successful in creating an impression of a serious topic that demands attention with the help of usage of colors.


Talking from the graphics point of view, the graphic is good in terms of graphics and the font used. The visibility of the graphic is fair enough and anyone can easily see and read the contents of the graphic. The font size has been used with proper care. The creator has done a great job in this aspect.


Talking about the ultimate goal of a graphic, it succeeds in making the readers stop by and have a look at the contents and what the topic is about. It allows the readers to take in the contents easily with the help of pictures used and the easy headings taken.

Overall analysis:

The design, content, colors, Visibility and appeal are the points or the parameters on which the graphic is ranked. The overall analysis is positive and the graphic is prepared intelligently.

infogrpahics about drowsy driving