Common Injuries on Car Accidents

This infographic is presented by a law firm highlighting the road accidents happening every year in the city of New York. It doesn’t go into detail on every topic of road accidents rather limits the information to types of accidents and related facts. There is an overload of facts and data which somehow looks a necessity of the information to be presented. The headline is crisp and short which instantly suggest driving safely in the city. The objective behind this short headline looks like to grab the attention of the reader the moment they lend their eyes on it. The headline also has a photograph giving it weight.

One of the interesting facts in the headline space is the inclusion of pictures, official data and law firm name. It somehow makes the space look quite full and looks unattractive. However, the intention is to inform the reader as soon as possible. The remaining space is covered with details of the topic and it is soberer than the top space. It is formal and quite organized and looks decent. Use of background images and putting information above it in white letters actually puts the onus on the seriousness of the issue. The reader would be able to connect with the statements easily. In the end, the data clearly indicate the proportion of road accidents inflicted by men and women, which also indicates the rash driving tendencies of men.

One of the things that are slightly different in this infographic is the inclusion of the name of law firm not only in the end but also at first which do not let the reader forget about the name of the firm and direct towards the promotion agenda of the particular law firm. It makes the information look secondary.

Driving injuries infographic