Carbon Monoxide facts and safety tips

The infographics on Carbon Monoxide is informative and also alerts the reader regarding the harmful properties of this gas.

• The texts and pictures have been suitably used over a yellow background to bring the feel of a cautionary content.
• Also, hazard symbols with skull and cross-bones clearly indicate that the infographic is meant for warning the readers about something hazardous.
• The content is written in black and red which are well-contrasted with the background.
• Everything, starting from the properties of Carbon Monoxide gas to the symptoms of Carbon Monoxide poisoning has been clearly explained.
• The causes of the poisoning, precautionary measures to be taken, actions to be taken in case of emergency- all are presented in a point-form using suitable sketches.
• The DO’s and DON’T’s have been depicted in an interesting way using pictures.
• The part showing how the lives of our pets can be threatened is truly captivating.
• The font style and size has been used in the most appropriate manner. At places the text is in bold or red for the purpose of highlighting the important points.
• Checkboxes are used to explain how to spot dangers make it catchy to grab the reader’s attention.
• The use of the warning symbol in profusion helps in drawing everyone’s attention upon this infographic.
• Last but not the least, some useful links have been provided for the reader to go through for further information regarding this. They include the links to some supports and charities that assist people suffering from the hazards of Carbon Monoxide.

The infogrphic on the deadly effects of Carbon Monoxide can be considered as successful in its attempt to warn the reader regarding the harmful effects of Carbon Monoxide with its effective design and rich content.

Infographic about carbon monoxyde