All You Need to Know About Work Boots

The given website directs us to a website called the Best Boots Hub. This website is dedicated completely to boots and the various types of boots that are available in the market. Basically, this is an interactive website that also acts as a database for all types of boots.

This particular link redirects us to a web page that lists out the top nine pull-on work boots, i.e., boots that can be worn without tying any type of lace. The website goes on to describe the different types of pull-on boots and the different features related to it and how these properties affected their ranking.

The overall color tone of the webpage is black and white. The different companies of the boots have been mentioned in red which quickly attracts the customer. The various positive features of the boots have been colored in green which makes these advantages stand out and quickly grasp the attention of the customer.

There are a number of disadvantages to this website as well. There is a lot of text provided on the webpage which fails to hold the attention of the customer. Moreover, the pros and cons of the boots have been mentioned in a way similar to the other text. There are bullet points used throughout the text. However, there is no bolding of text or any underlining of the text which also causes the customer to lose interest pretty quickly.

The website could have provided a photo of the boots that have been described by the website. This would also help the customer grasp the exact look of the boots. This could also help the customer make a better-informed decision.

In other words, this webpage is well built but with the help of a better designer, it could have been far better.

work boots infographic