A Quick Guide to South Carolina Workers Compensation

This infographic explains the workers’ compensation in South Carolina.
The post contains general information about statistics and a good load of informative content about the context that keeps the reader really satisfied and updated.

The design is quite clean with a couple of representations about most of the things.

The colors used look daunting in a way because the colors stick to shades of a single color, which is blue. The white text does make it stand out from the crowd, but the remaining elements being done in shades of blue alone makes it look quite irritating.

The font used in the article also makes each of the text elements look like another heading. It gives too much emphasis to the less important content. A different font might have looked more appealing.

The two-dimensional art used in here throughout the page has done justice to the text as it does really well in conveying the general picture being discussed in the adjacent content piece.

The layout of the document is well organized and each section covers quite different aspects of the same topic in a very efficient way. This layout is also really easy to navigate through and reference for a quick run through.

The content is also responsive to screen size, this would be such a great advantage for users accessing this article from different screen sizes as it would look comfortable and easy to view through all screen sizes.

Overall, this is quite a good piece of work that uses a daunting color scheme and a very boring font face throughout the document. The headings are emphasized with size alterations and the design is made interesting with responsive page layouts. The content layouts follow a good logic and helps the reader navigate all that easier along with the minimalist images as well.

Source: schillerhamilton.com