52% of Underages Have Seen Their Parents Texting & Driving

The given website redirects us to a web page that talks about the practice of texting and driving and how this practice is being followed by the more responsible parts of the society, the parents, as well. As soon as the webpage is opened, we are treated with a bold heading and an attractive illustration. The first impression of the webpage promises a fun read on an important topic. However, that is not the case as we scroll down the page. The page has a lot of text and almost no pictures which might cause the audience to stop reading and skip over certain parts as well.

The color combination used on the website is blue and white which is also not good enough to attract an audience on such an important topic. Some brighter colors could have been used and more illustrations could have been used. For the text, dark gray and light gray has been used. There are no bullet points that make the text look continuous and boring. Due to the choice of the color of the text, the text is not easy to read as well. No parts of the text have been put in bold or underlined which again acts as a demotivation for the audience.

The complete article has been summarized at the end, but even the summary lacks solid points that could have been put as bullet points. A picture has been attached to the summary which also lists the points that one should remember after reading the article.

Overall, this web page is built for casual reading due to which it might lack traffic. A little bit of formatting and the use of certain colors, different than what has been used can surely bring in more traffic.

texting and driving infographic

Source: guide.dmv-written-test.com