10 Things You Should Know About Dash Cameras

This infographic is a well backed-up, presentation of the various things there are to consider before installing a dash cam on your vehicle. There is a bold, block title on top and a road flows down dividing the page into sections that explain each of those aspects you should be informed about.

The design of the page is basic. It isn’t exactly completely a top designed page. But it sure does have its little design points that give it a hinge. There is a uniformity of design across the sections except one. This mishap towards the top of the page gives the reader a sense of randomness through the beginning of the page although it might go unnoticed further down.

The illustrations and two dimensional art used through each section is quite stock. It doesn’t really convey a meaning to the reader. It looks more like a collection of pictures placed for the sake of its presence alone.

The color scheme looks really fruity. It could have been made more trendy or technical so that it matched with the context of the document. At this point, it looks like some random mix of some random colors for some random purpose.

The content is perfectly fine and it does explain almost every aspect of the topic explained. It has you covered over all the major and most of the minor points that you might overlook. This is a good thing as there isn’t much in the document that could prolong your attention.

The layout of the document is poorly implemented. We could easily see that the illustrations are crammed up towards the corners of each section header. They could have had some space if the sections were more intelligently laid out.

Overall, this is a badly designed work thatcontains a good amount of content and a lot of spread out elements that aren’tall that united under the design that projects it.

infographic about dash cams

Source: techamaki.com