10 Facts About Arc Flash

A very informative and well-presented infographic. There is heaps of information here but the designer has placed them so sensibly that it does not look crowded or unpleasant.

We will begin with the choice of colours; there is an extensive use of the colour orange, but to balance the brightness the background is in black and the illustrations are in grey. You can also see flashes of sky blue used to highlight the important pieces of data. The texts are in white which makes it stand out. Overall a very clever and suitable colour selection.

Moving on to the layout, you can see that the all the elements are neatly placed to make it easy and comfortable for the viewer. The info graphics has a good narration, and there is a proper flow of the information. There is also a proper division of content which prevents clustering.

The fonts and the font styles also play a significant role in creating a stunning infographic. The important content such as the title, the subtitles and the statistical data are highlighted in bold and larger fonts. This helps the reader to decipher the infographing instantly without reading through each and every detail. People find this a very convenient thing since it does not take up a lot of their time.

The graphics and illustrations are the core elements make graphic charts lively and interesting. There are lots of illustrations and graphics used in this design, but most of them blend in with the background. Therefore, they do not make the design look stuffy. The use of arrows to show the hierarchy of the events is also an interesting feature.

Overall this is an interesting and at the same time a very appealing work that delivers the message instantly to the viewers.

Arc flash infographic

Source: creativesafetysupply.com