What to Do If You Find a Racoon Baby

The document explains the major facts and ways to handle the situation when you find a baby raccoon. The document covers a good deal of facts and information necessary to keep you equipped to handle such a situation as finding a raccoon around.

The design is simple and mellow. It keeps it to the basics. There is not too much of attraction on the design except for the fact that the header is completely cool and that the rest of the page maintains that level of cool throughout.

The font is set in children’s comic style and suits the topic just enough. The headings for each paragraph and subsection are highlighted using bold text and this gives power to the document by creating a strong skeleton throughout the page through which the reader can easily navigate across.

The colors used in here are light and white and looks pleasing to the eye. The other illustrations are all adjusted to this pale coloring that has been predominant in the background. The page now looks apt with the color scheme.

The layout looks quite sketchy. A few paragraphs could have been placed perhaps earlier or later. Especially, towards the beginning of the text where the reader is just being introduced into the topic.

Overall, this is quite a neat piece of an infographic that serves pleasantly to the eye of the reader and conveys the message in quite a simple and beautiful way. The simple colors and the simple design help to keep the document to a normal level and further on the use of faded colors and neat and pale backgrounds have quite a good effect on creating a sense of unity among the various elements of the infographic. The content could have been more interesting to the reader, perhaps with more illustrations.

racoon baby infographic

Source: raccooncontrol.ca