Time to Learn a Few Rainforest Facts

The theme selected for this infographic makes it interesting to the eyes. The playful colors and images make it suitable even for young children just learning about rainforests and why they are important. They all work together to maintain attention to the very end and still deliver the message in the simplest way possible that even children grasp.

The monkey using a tree rope to move from one tree to the other at the very beginning of the display is quite attractive and compliments the title in a simple but perfect manner. It is as if the monkey is the one delivering the message to the readers; it is likely for readers to read through with a childish tone thanks to the selected theme which in all creates interest in a fun way.

The next section about the importance of rainforests has a tree and a bird on top centering it. It quickly switches from the monkey to the bird creatively representing nature in the forests. The points are structured in such a way that they are easy to read even if they lack numbers. It is however unfortunate that the fonts selected for sections one and two are not that readable without causing a little strain to the eyes. A darker color would have worked better in terms of creating some comfort for the eyes during reading.

Facts on the third section are creatively done on wooden planks which again are relevant when talking about forests. The fourth section is just as creative considering that the first letters of the points together make the word trees. Each first letter is made bold and placed on a leaf creating a very attractive feel and look. The infographic is well balanced in terms of images and texts; space is used up in a very organized manner.

 information graphics design about rainforest

Source: oakfurnitureuk.co