This is How Cars Affect the Environment

It has been made with the theme of establishing the relationship of cause and effect between the connections of cars with the environment. With this focus, the whole graphic is divided into 7 subdivisions.

The design:

The design of the graphic is wisely chosen by the creator. The creator examined the data and framed the outlay of the whole topic according to that. The various subsections address a different question. This makes the design effective.

The Content:

The content has been crafted out of a big pile of information. The quality of the content is very reliable and interesting. It keeps the reader glued to the graphic and read more and more about it. With the sort of sequence, wise information provided it makes the content fall in place. With the proper sequence in line, it is easy to understand the whole graphic well. This is an achievement as the info graphic aims on this very aspect.

The color choice:

A very colorful one though, it does not make it look shabby or messy. The colors have been well chosen by the creator according to the components. The countries at fault and causing more damage are shown in red and the mother earth is denoted with the green color. The associations are obvious and make the viewpoint clear.


The overall analysis would be that the graphic has been intelligent. Not only the design and the sense of colors and fonts fall into place, but the very use of the content and its representation through the diagrams and simple pie charts also make it attractive. With such a good layout it becomes appealing to the audience and is capable of attracting a wide number of people taking notice. The more the number of people takes notice, the more are the chances of the infographic becoming popular.

informational graphic about cars and environment