Pet Shelter Statistics you Should Know

This inforgraphic is quite informative which is presented in an attractive manner. The information and data are quite precise and standard, making it easy to understand and read. What attracts a reader is the graphical pictures of the dogs and cats which brings in a kind of realism in the drawings.

The various studies and findings stated seem remarkable, but the only doubt one can have is the authenticity of it. Plus the data comparison among the dog adoption in US and Canada is great. What can really be a brownie point in this inforgraphic is the sub categorized details and estimates like total number of pets in UK and US, among them how many of them have at least one pet, then the number of pets put down for adoption, and among them how many of them are cats and dogs.

One important aspect that this inforgraphic lacks is the details of the various animal shelters or the number of shelters present in UK, USA and Canada. By giving the estimate of the animals shelters that are operated by government or private sectors, the reader can get a vague view of how many of them are present and still actively taking care of pets.

Furthermore, more points can be added about the number of steps in reducing the stray dogs and increasing the adoption of stray pets. Also topics like how to take care of the dogs, the kind of affection or love pet owners must provide can be added to this infographic.  More information could be provided regarding the reason on why pets are put up for adoption.

This pet shelter inforgraphic lacks the required amount of references. As it is quite informative, more references can be added in the reference section. Also, the authentication of the findings and studies conducted can be highlighted to bring in more substantial importance to the inforgraphic.

web data visualization about pet shelters