The Numbers Behind Fall Foliage

The above visual presentation is creativity at its best. It is an in-depth overview of fall foliage and several statistics revolving around it in various localities. The graph is as knowledgeable as it can get. Why it’s good? Because the data is good and surprising, too.

The best part about this presentation is that the visuals seem like they are straight out of a canvas. Without using any readymade stock photos, the designers have created artwork from scratch and that’s exactly what makes this infographic special and unique. The fall foliage visuals utilised in various portions of this presentation make it all the more eye catchy and user friendly.

Basically the creators wanted the reader to focus on the valued data provided in the graphical presentation but ended up showcasing the artwork to the patrons instead. Talking about colours, the selection is very accurate and fits the mood perfectly. Without using much vibrant or loud colours, the creative team has gone ahead with using something very subtle and pleasant.

Moving on to the data provided in the infograpic, the statistics are certainly mind boggling. The first section discusses the increase in the number of fall visitors to particular locations and the tourist activities that follow. After these exciting figures come a brilliant artwork of leaves on either sides of the page.

The final section reveals two very well made graphs discussing some well researched observations. These observations are based upon immense hard work and analysis put in by the desk heads.

Last but certainly not the least, the final part includes source used as references to create this visually rich work. All in all, the moment you zoom into this layout, you will feel like you are in the middle of a fall season; the visuals are that appealing.

fall foliage infogrpahics