How to Use CBD Horse Pellets

The given website has been designed to motivate the customer to buy CBD Pellets for horses. The website has been designed well and is very attractive. The colors used on the website are quite similar to the colors one might view in a horse or in the habitat a horse would be naturally found. The font and the size of the text are very comfortable and help the customer to skim through the content within a short span of time.

At first glance, the website lists out the details of the product in strong bullet points and provides a number of pictures of both the product and the packaging used to present the product. On further scrolling, there are three sections through which the customer can go through to gain more confidence before buying the product. The first section is the Description section which uses a number of pictures and a number of details in bullet points. Some of the details are the features of the product and the recommended dosage of these CBD bullets for a normal horse.

There are a number of pictures strewn all over the website which provide the same point provided in the content in a more concise and attractive manner. In the description section, the compounds present in the product have been listed and described as well.

The overall look of the website is very rustic and adds to the beauty of the website. However, there are a number of shortcomings as well. In the additional information section, there is little information regarding the product. Moreover, the review section is empty which does not help the customer in making any form of decision. The pictures used are also very informative, but they are not pictures of the product actually being used.

infographics about cbd horse pellets