Here is How to Hunt in 10 Easy Steps

This infographic gives ten steps one should follow to have a great hunt.


At the top of the infographic are two arrows pointing toward the topic. This will take the readers’ focus to the topic first before the content below. The design has two colors that blend well, and the creativity in its usage is great. On one row, one of the two colors is used as the background and the other as the color of the text. The reverse is the case for the next row, continuing until step 10.

The infographic shows the step number on one side of the row and an image on the other, with the positions changing for the following steps. Each image gives a pictorial representation of the description of each step.


The infographic has ten rows, with each row having three columns. The columns include a number to indicate the step, a description of what to do for that step, and an image to give a pictorial representation of the description. The columns are an excellent way to arrange the information to be passed to the readers.


The text is readable. Hierarchy plays a role in the text sizes. The topic at the top has the first part with a smaller font size than the second part. This makes emphasis and draws attention. It will be difficult not to see it. The numbering appears larger than the description of how to hunt. The font style suits the infographic making it easy to read.


The infographic passes its message in the simplest way possible with a short description and pictorial representation. One can quickly glance through it and have a good idea of what the infographic is about.

How to Hunt in Ten Steps Infographic