How Much Protein and Fat Should your Pet be Eateing?

The first section of this infographic is taken up by the title on the left and an image of a large dog and cat. The image remains in grey probably so that readers do not end up thinking that there are preferences for some dogs and cat breeds than others. This is thoughtful because every cat and dog lover would feel the presentation is for them, hence read all through to grasp the important information. The section graduates into a dog and cat breakdown as far as the intakes go. The fact that the fat and protein amounts are broken further down in puppies, kittens, adults cats and dogs and pregnant dogs makes it very easy to understand exactly what to feed the pets.

The second section goes into calorie intakes and starts with dogs. On the left are the types of dogs and the rest of the columns on the right represent their weight and then the calories follow for each type and weight accordingly. It is followed by caloric values for nursing and pregnant dogs with the number of puppies on one side and gestation stage and weight on the other. For those who have been wondering how to feed their dogs, the sections are very easy to digest and follow.

The fourth section handles cats and their caloric values structured in the same manner as dogs so you have cat type on one side and their weight and intakes on the other. The infographic is structured in such a way that it contains lots of helpful information without necessarily being too complex to understand. There is, unfortunately, no section for fish pets, even though there is an image of a fish at the very top of the display giving the impression they are represented too.

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