What your Cat Should and Shouldn’t be Eating

The infographic talks about the human food items which you should allow your little feline friend to eat, the ones that are not recommendable for him and some which are absolutely prohibited for the little guy.

The Idea: The idea of presentation is probably the most important part. A unique infographic format is very popular among thousands of others. Here there is nothing new about the idea, neither is the design very innovative or unique. This format has been very common over the years. But the saying that ‘new is always better’ isn’t always true.  Sometimes, it is better to stick to simple ideas than to unnecessarily go with an idea which makes the subject matter complex and unclear.

The Presentation: The presentation is simple, the words are easily noticeable and readable and the subject matter has been well delivered.  The included pictures also act as added attractiveness for the graphic. The content has been divided into four segments, namely, SURE, MODERATE, NOT RECOMMENDABLE and NOPE, instead of the normal way of diving the right and the wrong diet, this method is a lot more informative.

Description: There aren’t any descriptions regarding why you should or shouldn’t give the listed items. A little bit information about the food items or their nutritional values would have helped the readers to know more about their pet’s diet.

Attractiveness: The simple way of presentation is the most attractive thing about the graphic, added to that the use of various colors for various sections, the pictures of the food items, the font, the use of banner to highlight the topic all adds up make this work more good looking., though the names of the food items could have been written in a different font color for to make them more eye-catchy.

In conclusion, the final result is overall successful in defining your cat’s diet and what he should and should not have in order to be happy and healthy!

info graphs about what cats can eat

Source: catsareontop.com