20 Reasons Why Vegetarian Diets Are Environment-Friendly

The relevance and benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle have been outlined in the above infographic. The way the subject matter has been illustrated unleashes positivity. The website, on the whole, uses a soft color pattern, with the subject matter embedded in the rest of the website. The subject matter, i.e. vegetarianism is the major showrunner. Instead of clambering over other topics and making the entire thing cumbersome, the author has reinforced the necessary ideas with authority. The entire organization can be divided into five major sections. Each of these sections houses a rudimentary fact, with regards to the main topic. The aforementioned individual sections contain crisp facts. These facts are worded in such a way, that they help in driving the author’s objectives home i.e. stating the advantages of vegetarianism. The themes of the individual sections are also refreshing. This fresh outlook involves making those themes relevant to the topic.

The design of this infographic is a bit unorthodox. Though it does do its job of presenting the information well, one cannot ignore it’s being too simple. The creator does succeed in making an impact, but the impact would have been much higher if bolder coloring patterns were used. The source box is a welcome addition. Not many people tend to credit their sources. One key aspect is the great contrast between the text and the background in the individual sections. The creator has used a light font in dark backgrounds and dark fonts on light backgrounds. This increases acuity by not allowing the entire design to be a myriad of colors. Another great point is the absence of revolting images within the textboxes. This destroys the simplicity and seriousness of the information represented. Overall, the entire layout is cartoonist without being childish and serious, without being particularly morose.

vegetarian diet infographic

Source: caterquip.co.uk