100 Years of National Park Service

This infografic has been developed on the occasion of the centenary celebrations of the National Park Service, which is to be celebrated on the 25th of August 2016. It presents various interesting information about the National Park Service that was commissioned in 1916 by the US President Woodrow Wilson and its various achievements over the years.

The work is meant for informative, and light reading and hence, the design is pretty casual and aims to attract the attention of casual readers. The main aim of this information graphic is to let the general public be aware of the various facts related to national parks and national monuments in the US and the design totally succeeds in achieving that. No boring, uber-professional looks.

A lot of facts that can attract the attention of light readers have been presented in brief in the infographics. The various facts have been systematically organized with graphics or graphs to go with them so that the readers are automatically enticed. Various images of important parks and monuments have also been included the highlight the crucial facts.

The infografix has the usual rectangular structure, implying that is good for use in blogs, social media sites, informative websites, trivia platforms and so. This piece is totally meant for light-read and may not interest readers who are looking for in-depth facts or analysis. The entire data visualization is divided into a number of sections, each representing various facts.

In line with its casual design and presentation, the infographica involves the use of a lot of colors which have been widely used to represent various facts as well as graphs of various types. The vibrant colors used in this graph will be good for attracting readers who prefer to read something useful presented in a cool and casual manner, rather than the dragging, boring professional looks.

Yellowstone infograpic

Source: choosehomesecurity.com