web data visualization about pet shelters (thumb)

Pet Shelter Statistics you Should Know

This inforgraphic is quite informative which is presented in an attractive manner. The information and data are quite precise and standard, making it easy to understand…

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data visualization images about dog breeds (thumb)

Dogs and MBTI Personality Tests Matches

It is the vibrant pictures, colours and other form of art that make an infographic an interesting one, and this presentation exactly carries all of…

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fall foliage infogrpahics

The Numbers Behind Fall Foliage

The above visual presentation is creativity at its best. It is an in-depth overview of fall foliage and several statistics revolving around it in various…

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Yellowstone infograpic (thumb)

100 Years of National Park Service

This infografic has been developed on the occasion of the centenary celebrations of the National Park Service, which is to be celebrated on the 25th…

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Infographic: What is a Savannah? (thumb)

What is a Savannah?

Source: savannahcatbreed.com

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