TOP 70 Infographic Submission Sites List 2022

UPDATED: june 2022πŸ”¨

This is a thorough and hand-curated list of sites to submit your infographics. We include both frequently updated and not active sites. The sites that are not active are labeled and mentioned just for the sake of presenting a complete landscape of the whole bunch of sites out there, but not linked anywhere on the list as they do not provide value to our readers.

Below you will find a comparative table with data regarding the popularity and pricing of each site. You can click the site name to visit it directly or click the ‘+’ button in the ‘Submission process’ column to learn more about the steps and requirements.

SiteMore infoDomain AgeLikesTweets+1sTypeCost (USD) – NOT ACTIVE+418163paid100 – NOT ACTIVE+3103165195free0 – NOT ACTIVE+5301410free0 – NOT ACTIVE+62707704577free0 – NOT ACTIVE+3011free0 disclosed – NOT ACTIVE+3067free0 – NOT ACTIVE+510131freemium25 – NOT ACTIVE+648951416541free0 – NOT ACTIVE+3611104free0 – NOT ACTIVE+4120free0 – NOT ACTIVE+41412free0 – NOT ACTIVE+3117570free0 disclosed – NOT ACTIVE+572190free0

Tips to submit like a pro

tips for infographic submission sites

How to get maximum acceptance from submission websites

Choose an original topic

Infographics about trending topics work good, but they will work better if you add an original or funny point of view

Add data sources

Remember to address your data sources at the bottom. This confers more authority to the infographic improving reader engagement.

Provide an original description

Most free submission sites will ask you to send a description along with your infographic. Write one for each site instead of copy-pasting.

Provide a relevant source URL

It is better to provide a source URL where the infographic is currently published, INSTEAD OF YOUR SITE’S HOMEPAGE or some internal landing page.

Common reasons why infographics get rejected

Low quality of design

If you are no designer, hire a professional.

Being promotional

Infographics should be informational.

Low quality of data

If the content adds no value, rewrite it or remove it.

Being adult, casino, pharmacy

Some sites do not allow these topics.

Hot to submit to each site

This site offers a premium infographic review and promotion service. There are more than enough samples of beautiful charts on our site so you can have an idea of what kind of we publish before sending. You will first have to pay a $20 review fee through PayPal and then send your work along with other required details via email. If the quality of the design and data is low, your info graphic may get rejected and in that case, you will receive a full refund of your money.

They will accept a wide variety of topics for infographic submissions as long as you follow the guidelines provided on their submission page. The cost is 12.85 USD with the advantage that they guarantee your work to be published in under 48 hours. To submit just click the link on the navigation menu, fill the form, and hit the Paypal button.

You can post for free to this site; however, there isn’t always a guarantee that you will get published. Since this page has a spectacular presence on social media, it is important that infographic publishers stay away from offensive content. You also have to forward a 350+ words blog article. To begin, click on the ‘Submit Infographic(s)’ link in the top menu and fill out the form on the new page. You would need a business email for posting here. – NOT ACTIVE

The procedure to add infographics to this site is very simple. All you have to do is click on the ‘Submit Infographics’ link in the navigation bar and fill out a request form. They will get in touch with you.
The website welcomes you to send your creations and this is as simple as filling a form and paying the $100 fee. Publishing with this site has the added advantage as you get to publish 2 infographics instead of one; the only criteria being that the adding needs to pass the website’s stringent selection criteria.

If you are concerned about the quality of the website where you want to send a graphic chart, here’s one that charges nominal fees of $9.95 and guarantees a quality service. This site checks infographics in detail and if the delivery meets their quality standards, you are rewarded with a source backlink. Otherwise, your money will be refunded within 2 working days. There are a couple of guidelines to follow if you want to get published on AniArt Design. They are:

  • You’ll have to Like their Facebook page
  • Make sure your works are in English, they are well-designed, and have lots of content

Click on the ‘Submit Your Infographics’ link at the top and then click on the ‘Buy Now’ button. – NOT ACTIVE

Though this site encourages aspiring graphic design chart creators to remit, it is quite strict when it comes to the quality and authenticity of infographics sent to them. Please note that this site is notorious for harshly criticizing bad pieces of graphic information on a section of this site that is dedicated specifically for this purpose. Click on the ‘Submit Infographic’ link in the menu bar and fill out the form. They ask for your name, email, URL of the info graphic, and its description. After you dispatch it, they will review your work and publish it only if it is up to the mark. This is a free service.

This site is for those young and imaginative people out there who are churning out effective and educative info graphs. They can deliver their informational graphics and be assured that they will reach the masses they are created for. You can successfully send an infographic for a mere $10. Your work will be reviewed and posted if accepted. Otherwise, you will get your money back. There is another plan called “Featured – Position #1” which will ensure your work is posted on the top-left of the homepage for 30 days, but you will have to pay $40 for this. You can also opt for “Same day + Social Promotion” for $35. All you have to do is click on the “Submit” link on the homepage and choose the service you need. – NOT ACTIVE

This is a site that promotes the best infograpics and it is the perfect portal both for aspiring and established artists. It encourages fresh and seasoned talents, giving honest feedback about the quality of the information graphic. When you mail your work here, you don’t need to be worried about whether or not it is going to be accepted.
However, we strongly advise you to deliver works that are top-notch, have no offensive items, and are created in a format that is easy to share and circulate. So, click on the “Submit” button and fill out the form.

People looking for a great platform to give their informational graphic works maximum coverage don’t mind paying a fee. This site is proud to speak about customers who have been with them and still want to continue because this is one of the best portals. Their service is actually free but there are a few strong guidelines that you’ll have to follow ( In order to impanel your infographic with them, you need to add a brief description to it. Send relevant links to the infographic and leave out excess keywords. If your work is interesting, the site will publish it and give you a much-awaited exposure that can help catapult your business further. – NOT ACTIVE

There’s no question about the largest infographic collection on this site and it is probably one of the platforms that give most coverage to the best info graphics they receive.
To add infographics, you need to follow on Twitter and Facebook. Then you can leave your submissions to be considered by them. You can only forward a maximum of 2 infographics on this website. If these are of high quality and one of a kind production of unique and beautiful infographics, then they will be published. Those who are interested in remitting works to may donate through PayPal.

Randy Krum, the owner of this site is a real influencer in the data visualization niche. On a website like this, you can expect to get honest feedback because they maintain high standards and refuse to publish anything that does not conform to quality guidelines. To post your work on this site, it needs to be in English and must not have explicit content. Since this website does not charge a fee, they request you to post material that will draw traffic to their website. – NOT ACTIVE

This site is proud to proclaim that it hosts a wide range of info graphics. It is easy to dispatch here and is free. Your infographics will be showcased for the world to see and share their views. Depending on the type, the website will either publish it or share detailed feedback with you. This site also serves as a great place to get inspiration to create your own piece. They have dozens of different categories of graphics submitted by very talented designers.

A visit to, even before you’ve had the chance to mail an infographic, is of great help as you can get a detailed insight into the current market trends. All this website asks from you is to remit content that is well-researched and user-friendly. There are more than enough samples of well-thought-out best information graphics on this site for you to study. If you want to feature your work, go to the contact section and send them a query about it. They will provide you with further details. – NOT ACTIVE

Data visualization and best infographics are coming up in a big way and this is the perfect portal for those who are willing to embark on this ever thriving field. Graphic chart dispatching on this site is like child’s play, as long as your content is useful and is made in a format that can be shared freely. You don’t have to pay for posting your infographic on this site. Just send it along with an image and a 100 word summary of the content. Click on the ‘Submit Infographic’ link on the left and fill out the form. encourages artists from around the world to add their creations, which is why you will find a mix of eclectic and traditional posts here. Featuring your content on becomes easy the moment you look at the site’s Facebook page, which gives you an idea of the kind of work they help to publish and the standards they require from us. While this site is willing to forego service charges and fees, they are hard taskmasters who accept nothing but the best from aspiring artists. To begin the process, click on the menu button in the top-left corner. You will be asked to log in first, and then redirected to the submission area.

People who have created the best, authentic graphic charts can deliver on this site. You will find that this data visualization website provides encouragement to budding artists with direction and feedback on incomplete graphic design charts. This website reviews and publishes valid infographic content for $20. You may dispatch an informational graphic here just for feedback. The ‘submit infographics’ link is in the main menu bar. Click on it and the next page will open, then you will be providing your email, source URL and proceed to pay.

With the rise of free e-learning platforms and data visualization, this is a one of a kind platform which has been encouraging aspirants to forward educational infographics for free. After you remit your work here, you will get detailed feedback on whether or not the attempt has been successful. If your submission is deemed successful, there are large-scale social media campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn which facilitate the spread of the graphic design charts thereby adding to their success and efficacy. Click on the ‘Submit Education Infographics’ link on the top menu and fill out a very simple form.

Most websites are changing trends and they are using different formats for images and text. This is an infographic submission hub that encourages new talents in the information graphics design field. All they ask from people interested in publishing their content is that they adhere to a certain format and add a short description of the content. The rates are so economical (only $5) that they’ll make you want to publish here. You first need to purchase through PayPal and then send all the details to them via email. You should also include the transaction ID in the email. Just click on the ‘Submit Your Infographic’ link on the top of the page to start the process.

This website provides honest and open feedback about the graphic information works delivered to them. All they need is for you to make sure that the content is either infographic or data visualization. They allow no-cost publishing and all you have to do is to drop them an email at [email protected]. In order to get yours published on this site, it is mandatory to attach a brief description of it. Needless to say, they will give your info graphic all the exposure it needs by publishing it on their social media platforms provided they like what they see. – NOT ACTIVE

This site charges an economical, one-time fee of $25 through PayPal. They request infographics to have the format accepted by them. They also allow express delivery in order to provide you with more than one backlink to people eager to showcase. The good thing about this site is that you hear back from them shortly after remitting. They also accept free requests, but they are limited to editorial review and only one followed the link and one unfollowed link. For more information on all the options they offer, click the Advertise link on top of the page.

At graphs, the endeavor has always been to publish the best cool data visualizations irrespective of the topic or age group it’s aimed at. Since the procedure of showcasing is very simple, there are at least a few hundred of them that reach the site every day. Since it takes time to review each, the site requests you to give them at least 2 working days before they get back to you. Then the site publishes accepted entries on their social media platforms. What’s more, you can post your info graphics for free. You can start by creating a free account and clicking the upload button at the top. – NOT ACTIVE

If you wish to share ideas from sports to politics to education, is the page you need to be on. Forwarding here is an easy task here because this is what they primarily do and you can provide info graphs free of cost. To post on this website you can either attach an image, URL, or a video. Nothing else is mandatory. The only condition is that you will not be able to showcase the ones that have been already posted during the last year. The “Submit” button is clearly visible at the top.

Since covers a wide range of topics in data visualization, they request you to provide infographs that are of high resolution in order to be clearly noticeable. Therefore it is a must to attach an image of 500 pixels or higher. This is a free service so you can post as many as you want. The team hunts for talents across the globe, so only the very best will find a place on this Tumblr page. You can start by clicking the “Submit” button at top of the page. – NOT ACTIVE

This is a free Canadian infographics & data visualization company that is up to publish your works. Just click on the ‘Submit Infographic’ button on the main menu and fill-up the form with Name, Email, URL, and a brief description. This description will help get your infographic approved faster and easier. There is no guarantee that they will publish your work, but it is worth a try.

The showcasing service on this site is not free. No info graphics will be published or processed without a prior payment of Β£20 that you can pay using PayPal. They let you have one permanent link with your choice of anchored text or keywords. Just click on the ‘Submit Infographic’ link on top of the page and fill in the form with your name, email, title, Intro text, category, tags, and infographic embed code. That’s it. They will take care of the rest.

This website has a mix of eclectic and traditional posts. The process here is easy and free. This is a free service, all you have to do is send an email to Brian Wallace at [email protected] and he will tell you how to proceed. After this, your piece of data visualization will be reviewed and you will get to hear from them shortly. Just so that you can be sure of getting published, the site requests you to follow their guidelines.

Infographic Bee is a pretty new site. They offer both free and paid submission. Their paid option guarantees 2 business days of review and posting the same day. They will also promote it on their social media channels. To send your work here you will head to their sidebar and hit the first link. Then they will show you a form that you have to fill with the title, URL, and a 100 words description.

Infographic Expo aims at encouraging people to show their work to the world. If you are a designer and have something impressive, you can get it published here. You will get all the details on how to do it after clicking the ‘Submit Infographic’ link. The general informative content can be freely posted. But for promotional content, they ask for a donation of $4.95 only. You will have to fill a form with your name, email, infographic title, description, and URL. You can also include an embed code. After that, your work will be reviewed and then posted on a first-come, first-serve basis. – NOT ACTIVE

To showcase on this website, you need to fill the contact us form or email them at [email protected] and they will be able to provide all the guidelines and details to you. Please make sure to include details and a summary of your work in the message section. Rest assured, you will hear back from them in the next 3 to 5 business days.

Infographic Journal website enables the audience to provide their infographics at no cost. The site accepts meaningful and informative graphics of all categories. However, if people want their posts to get displayed on the site at a faster pace, they can avail of express service by paying a one-time fee of 25 USD.
Here is the step by step procedure one has to follow.

  • Click on the ‘Submit Infographics’ link
  • Enter the title and write a catchy description in the respective fields
  • Paste the URL where the work is actually published
  • Write the embed code

Infographick is another reliable site to feature your DataViz graphics on and get a foolproof review. They charge 75 USD to write the review and score the information graphic and they will openly inform you if the infographics do not meet their quality standards. The review describes how it is designed and how does it presents the data.
Here are the steps one has to follow.

  • Enter the name and email address in the designated fields
  • Copy the URL that has to be reviewed in the respective field
  • Enter a brief description in the “background information for the infographic” field
  • Click the Submit button to be redirected to PayPal to finish the process

Infographic List is a free information graphics site. They have +7K followers on Pinterest and +5K on Twitter so you can benefit from a good social media promotion if you submit your work. This is the step by step procedure one has to follow.

  • Click on the ‘Submit Your Infographic’ link on top of the page
  • Enter the appropriate details in the respective fields of the form and click submit
  • They will review it thoroughly and send PayPal details if it is appropriate
  • After receiving the payment, the info graphics will be published

Infographic Love publishes creative and beautiful charts pertained to technical topics and SEO related stuff on its website. They write genuine reviews for them and embed the link to the original source to redirect the audience. They charge 75 USD per review and accept payment through PayPal.
Here are the steps.

  • Click on the “Submissions” link on top of the page
  • Enter the name and email address in the respective fields
  • Include the URL where the work was originally published
  • Write some background information, to make the reviewer understand what you are portraying
  • Write additional information in the “anything else you want to tell us” field
  • Click “review my infographic” and finish the payment process

Infographicpics is a good place to deliver graphic charts from different categories free of cost. All the audience needs to do is to send the original link where they have been published along with a brief description to [email protected]. Moreover, people who are interested in creating infographics for any of the categories listed on the website can fill the form with name, email address, subject, and message. The technical team will revert back in a couple of days. Undeniably, they post infographics that are informative.

Infographic Plaza is a wonderful platform to publish infographics free of charge. The cool data visualizations will be shared on their social networking sites to reach their audience. But the free option takes about a month to get reviewed. They also offer various paid promotions: they charge 10 USD to take the infographics to live within a couple of days, 10 USD to write a good review and 10 USD for keeping up the post on the homepage for a week. They only accept works in English and do not tolerate any explicit content. They require your posting to be informative and accurate. Also note that they will accept as source URL published on websites like,,, Flickr, etc. So they require you to upload your graphic chart to a site of yours and then include that URL in the form. Also, they want the infographics to be only in image format, not pdf.
Here are a few steps you need to follow.

  • Click on the ‘Submit an Infographic’ link
  • Enter the details like your name, email, title, 100+ word short description, category, URL, and backlink URL
  • Under paid promotion, select the option you would like to purchase
  • Tick “I accept the terms of submission” and enter captcha code
  • Click submit

This is another free site. Here is the step by step procedure you need to follow to get your work life.

  • Click on the ‘Submit Infographic’ link on the main page
  • Enter the name and email address in the respective fields
  • Enter a catchy title
  • Paste the original source URL in the “Infographics source URL” field
  • Enter the category
  • Write a minimum of 150 words of interesting content in the “original infographic content” field
  • Click Submit – NOT ACTIVE

Infographic Reviews is a free site to feature your artistic and appealing graphic design charts. The best part of this site is that they review your work and give the right feedback that helps you to make the graphical representation more informative and improve your organic search traffic. Moreover, they even share the best infographics on social networking sites for free.
Follow the below steps.

  • Enter your name and email address in the designated fields
  • Enter your infographic title
  • Write a short and meaningful description in the description box
  • Paste the URL and click submit – NOT ACTIVE

In Infographic Samples you can find graphics on many different topics. You can use this website as a source of inspiration for your work and you can also use it to promote and market your business through info graphs. You can provide your work in the ‘submit infographic’ section. You will have to provide your name, email, title, original source, and a short description. Then you can attach the graphic file and hit the submit button. They will take a couple of days to review it and then it will be published free of cost.

Infographics Archive is a directory for information graphics. They offer different plans starting with a standard rate of $19.99 and add-ons ranging from $19.99 through $499.00. These add-ons will help you promote your infographic on various websites depending on the plan you chose. They will refund 100% of your money if it is not up to their standards and it gets rejected. You can either pay via PayPal or credit card. Just click on the ‘Submit Infographics’ link on top of the page, fill-up the form with the required information, and click on the submit button to proceed to pay the fee.

Directory of Infographics is a well-organized blog that posts information graphics regularly. Users can get their own infographics published here for free. You can go to the ‘submit your infographic’ section and fill in some essential details such as your name, email, title, URL, category, and description. After that, your work will be reviewed and posted only if it’s worthy. The service is free and they do not guarantee that it will be posted. You also have the option to drop a message to [email protected] and email your piece.

Infographics Inspiration is a great website for taking a look at inspiring graphics to create one of your own. They have information graphics related to many different topics and you can remit your own graphics. In order to do that, you need to go to the ‘infographic submissions’ section and fill out a form. It requires details like your name, email id, URL, etc. After that, your work is reviewed and then they will get in touch with you. The website is very well organized and is free.

You will find new and interesting information graphics at Infographics King. They upload new graphics once a week or so. People post their work to promote businesses, products, and even just ideas. All you need to do is to add an original infographic created by you. Go to the submit section of this website and fill out the simple form. You need to provide your name, email address, URL, title, and a short description. Press the button and you are in business. It is that simple and it’s free.

You can get your info graphic published here for everyone to see. To do that, go to the submission section and fill out just two entries – URL and Title, then click the ‘Submit Now button’. They review every work and write a small brief about it before publishing it. They charge $45 for their time and services.

You can publish your graphics to InfographicsOnly and they will post it on their own website along with many others plus they will promote it on their social profiles. They charge $89 for their services and guarantee that you will benefit from it. You can contact them through their ‘Contact us’ form and submit your work. They also offer a distribution service where they will try to get your infographic published on many sites.

They can promote your infographic on their website for a minimal cost of $20 only. You have to make sure it doesn’t have any explicit content and it is not about gambling. Once you make the payment of $20, you will be redirected to the submission form wherein you enter all the required information such as your name, email, a short creative title, and a clever 100-word description. Afterward, your work will be reviewed and posted shortly.

Infographics Zone talks about the benefits of awesome data visualization in getting quality backlinks and increasing website traffic and it can be really helpful for promoting your website. You can dispatch your work here and all you need to do is contact them on their ‘Contact us’ section and add the details and the attachment. The details must include a unique description of 200 to 250 words and a unique title. You should also include the original source and the category. After you send the email, your work will be checked and published. They also offer a distribution service to more than 150 different galleries within 48 hours.

Its Infographics is an elaborate website dedicated to cool data visualization. There are many different categories included here. You can take a close look at how cleverly people are using graphics to share information about topics like food, travel, business, health, technology, medicine, education, auto, animals, and a lot more. The website itself is somewhat annoying. A lot of unwanted information like subscriptions to newsletters and social media pop-ups are displayed when you log in. Also, they are not taking any works right now. You can send them a message if you have any questions.

This website talks about the use of data visualization graphics for different purposes like blogging and marketing. Users can publish their own infographics for free, but they have to make sure they follow some guidelines such as the content should not be explicit, must be their own work, and should be accurate. To begin, click on the ‘submit infographics’ link in the menu, fill out the form, and click the ‘send’ button. Soon you will get a reply.

Lkrllc is a paid premium data visualization site. In order to get their content added here, people have to pay 10 USD and this amount has to be paid after getting approval from the reviewers. You just need to make sure that your infographic is accurate and verifiable, doesn’t have any explicit content, and is of high quality.
Here is the step by step procedure.

  • Enter the name and email address in the designated fields
  • Enter a catchy title in the respective field
  • Write a short description of around 100 words
  • Select the category
  • Copy/paste the source URL and the backlink URL in the fields
  • Under ‘Paid Promotion’, Select any of the three options i.e., Original description, featured infographic, Pinterest promotion
  • Tick ‘I accept the terms of submission’ and enter the captcha code and hit ‘Submit’

Mashable is a well-known phenomenon all over the internet. It features web news, the latest products, and many different types of posts that people might like to hear about. Getting your post on this site is a very big deal, and also extremely difficult because there are a set of very strict guidelines (here and here) that you need to follow just to get eligible. Getting selected for publishing is a whole different story. If you are able to get your information graphic design published on this website, you will get huge returns and there will be a lot of traffic on your website. Featuring your graph here is free so why not trying?

Nerd Graph Infographics has a big collection of information graphics. They cover a lot of categories, like food, entertainment, funny, etc. Some people post their graphics on this website just to spread awareness or to share their feelings about something. But there are many who use it to promote their business. Whatever your intentions are, you can get your own works published here for free. You need to scroll down on the main page and find the ‘Submit your Infographic on NerdGraph’ button and click on it. It will open a separate page with instructions and a form for you to fill. Once you fill in all the pertinent information and hit submit, your work will be reviewed and if it is approved, you will receive an email telling you when it will be published so you can make your marketing arrangements for that time. This service is free for everyone.

News I Like is a blog featuring issues that are popular on the internet. Instead of simple text, they show infographics and that’s the only kind of content they are accepting right now. If you want to send yours, you need to click on the ‘submit infographic’ link on the homepage. There you will have to fill out a simple form with things like your name, email id, title, URL, and finally a brief description. You can either select the free option, which does not involve follow links, or you can go for the paid option. One thing to remember is you need to confirm that your graphic information piece of work is 100% genuine and unique. If they found that it was copied from somewhere else it will get deleted. Once it gets approved it will be posted on their homepage, Twitter page, Facebook page, and RSS feed.

Only Infographic you will find some really attractive information graphics that also convey the message very clearly. To publish your work here you need to first produce something original. If you have something that qualifies, fill out the form in their ‘submit infographic’ section. Just make sure you are not violating anyone’s copyright while dispatching your content here. They will review it and publish only if they find it worthy. The service is absolutely free but the structure of the website is a bit confusing since posts are not properly categorized. – NOT ACTIVE

Power of Data Visualization represents how useful visual arts can be for marketing a product or for spreading an idea. The users have to first remit their work and it gets published only after approval from the team behind this site. The submissions are closed at the moment, but soon they will start again.

Pure Infographics is a website used by many people to promote their products or ideas with the help of information graphics. If you already have an infographic and want it on this website, you can deliver it here. You will have to pay a fee of $40 for the time they will spend review your work. They will also promote it via Twitter but your work has to get approved first. Just click on the link ‘Submit your Infographic” on the main menu and enter URL and Title and click on ‘Submit Now’ to proceed to pay $40. Once it is paid, you will be given further instructions.

Reddit contains posts from virtually every topic you could imagine. It is not just for show but it is also spreading awareness and is educating people. The content here is entirely user remitted. Anyone can add a new link or post for free. is a subreddit (Reddit section) focused on infographics and if you want to post yours here, you first need something that is really cool and also useful to the majority of the population. You also need to create an account on the website to publish. Once you are ready with an account and the graphic, you can click on the ‘Submit a new link’ button and proceed from there but remember to follow the guidelines addressed on the right sidebar or your post will get deleted almost instantly by the mods.

Shithotinfographics is a free website. It enables the user to post graphic charts of various categories and give good exposure of your information to others. This site looks for the latest, creative, and well-designed info graphics. People who would like to promote their catchy data visualization images can email the image along with the original source link to [email protected]. If your work is informative and meaningful, then you will see it published in a couple of days.

Submitinfographics is another good place to showcase informative and alluring infographics for free. Just follow the below steps.

  • Make sure your work does not contain any explicit material/content
  • Make sure it has not already been published on the site
  • Click on the ‘Submit Infographics’ link on the main menu
  • Enter the name and email ID in the designated fields
  • Give a catchy title in the respective field
  • Write a concise and crisp 100+ word description in the provided description box
  • Copy/paste the URL in the “Please Include the URL for Your Infographic” field
  • Click send

It takes about a month or so to get your work reviewed and posted on this website as it will be placed into a queue and processed on a first-come, first-serve basis. For the clients who want a quick review, they will be offering different premium packages very soon.

This is another free site. To send your work here just hit the ‘Submit Your Visual Work’ link in the header. You will be directed to a Google form where you will be asked for your name and email and your infographic title, description, and source URL.

Here you can get your well-designed graphic design charts published at no cost. They will only post works that are free from nudity and disparaging language. There is an option on their menu to ‘Submit An Infographic’ but they notice that due to high volume and time constraints, they are not currently accepting any new works on the website. Instead, they want you to build a relationship with Tom Cumpsty by visiting and then try sending your work to him.

Topinfographic is another site to publish your graphic chart free of cost. They have a quick approval time of 24 hours. However, they do not offer any guarantees about the publication of any info graphic forwarded to them. If you want to try you need to register with them before starting the process. Below are the steps.

  • Make sure your work does not have any explicit content
  • If you are an existing user, login with your credentials
  • If you are a new user, then enter your username, email address, and Captcha code to prove you are a human and click register to get registered on the site successfully
  • Login by giving your credentials to get redirected to the form
  • Enter title, description, and original source URL and click submit

Treegraphic showcases graphic information of various categories without charging a single penny. Moreover, they also post the infographics on their social media profiles to attract more traffic to your site. People who want to receive the best publications into their inbox can subscribe to the mailing list. Here is the step by step procedure.

  • Click on the ‘Submit Infographic’ link in the main menu
  • Enter the post title in the designated field
  • Write a few lines about your awesome data visualization to make it more appealing and meaningful
  • Enter your name, email address, and website address of the original source in the respective fields
  • Upload the file
  • Enter Captcha code to prove you are not a robot
  • Click ‘Submit post’

Ucollectinfographics website offers free showcasing of graphic charts from any category. Their reviewers go through your work and if they find it relevant and good they will post it on the site. They share infographics on social media thus helping you to gain potential traffic. They offer 2 different plans: a free offer allows for only 1 work, but if you pay $5 you can send unlimited works and get more features unlocked for you to customize them. Before starting you need to register first. Here are the steps.

  • Register on the site by giving appropriate details
  • Login by giving a valid username and password
  • You would be redirected to the welcome page and you need to click ‘begin’ to use the website
  • In the dashboard, from the posts section, select ‘Add new’
  • Enter the title, and a brief description in the respective fields
  • Copy/paste the image and source URL
  • Select a category from the drop-down menu and insert a tag
  • Click ‘preview’ to view your infographic and press the ‘submit for review’ button to get it reviewed in a couple of days

This site shares infographic that is creative, unique, and informative with the world without charging a single penny. To forward your content to this site, you need to follow the steps below.

  • Enter the name and email address in the designated fields
  • Write a description and paste the image and source URL in the message box
  • Click ‘submit’ website tells your story to the potential audience through compelling design and informative data. They allow people to publish their works on the site, information graphics included. To publish yours you have to create a free user account by hitting the ‘login’ button on the header. Once your account is verified, you will be able to publish after log into your account and hitting ‘submit a visual’ on the main screen. Then just fill the form and upload your infographic. Once it gets reviewed by their team, the nofollow in the source link will be removed.

Visualattic is a free site with more than 50 categories. If you want your work here go to the link on the navigation menu at the top. You will be forwarded to a Google Docs form and required to provide the corresponding data.

Their reviewers at will write a genuine review for your work and they charge 10 USD for it. After payment, you will be redirected to the submission form. People having queries related to infographics can contact them in the provided form by filling name, email, and comment. They will get back to you with the right solution in a couple of days.

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