Why People is Moving to Austin?

Apart from finding out that Austin is a great city to settle down and start a career in, readers of the infographic also get to know what the best dining spots are as well as the fastest growing companies doing well here. It is, therefore, an overall display that offers all essential information for those considering a move or wondering whether Austin makes a good place for them.

The images

They have a beautiful theme and are done relevantly for the texts they accompany. Before the title there is an image of a city; probably representing Austin, and dots that create bee like buzzes; probably representing the moving to the city. The image is also properly centered on this display

The first and second sections have the images inside circles and the enclosing makes them look quite organized. In the third section talking about fine dining opportunities in the city, the images are chopping boards, cooking pots and trays and look very creative. The info in this section is inside the images as though they are the ones being chopped, served or cooked. Other kitchen utensils are also featured on them completing them in a good way. The fourth section has a graphical presentation showing the fastest growing companies in the city. They are done in ascending order which brings in the flow and their revenue marks are in different colors, adding character to the whole display and attracting the eye to numbers that matter most.

The colors

Different colors are used in the presentation, but blue is the main color. They all are cool colors that do not overwhelm or bore the reader. They are actually very comfortable for the eyes. The texts are not as much, but they are nonetheless readable and styled to balance with the rest of the elements in the infographic.

graphic information about moving to austing

Source: bluewhale.com