Why Oral Sex is Better with Flavored Lubricants

This infographic aims at presenting flavored lubes and how they can help make one’s oral sex adventures better.


The colors, images and several elements that are used in the artwork give it a modern touch and a fun look-and-feel. At the same time, the design makes the artwork appealing to the reader.


The layout is pretty straight-forward. The top part introduces the topic with the help of an eye-catching heading. The images of watermelons in the background and a lube bottle, together with the short paragraph under the heading help the reader further understand the subject that is about to be presented.

In the next part, the reader can find a list of four reasons why they should use a flavored lubricant, in the form of a bullet point list. Next to this list, there is another eye-catching image.

The third part contains four helpful tips on the proper preparation before oral sex. They are presented with a subheading and a short explanatory paragraph.

The fourth part includes four vividly-colored blocks with information on what someone should ask for from their lubricant. They are introduced with a heading and a short paragraph. A transparent word in the background helps the reader get the gist with just a glance.

The fifth part includes three images and information on the different flavors that are available, while the sixth part contains some useful tips and ideas for both men and women.


The artwork contains fonts that are easy-to-read. At the same time, all texts are rather short and they are carefully placed on contrasting color backgrounds, with plenty of blank space left in-between.

The simple layout, images and elements that are used throughout make the infographic friendly to the eye of the reader and encourage them to have a closer look.


The infographic succeeds in providing some useful information in a fun and appealing way.

infographic about how flavored lubricants can make oral sex better

Source: https://www.lubelife.com/blogs/news/sweet-anticipation-oral-sex-with-flavored-lube