What You Need to Know About Alimony

This infographic is a nice blend of design, apt content, and appeal and explains the various facts and figures of Alimony and all there is to know about Alimony.

The design is perfect. It doesn’t stand out too much and neither does it stand out too less. The design in this document has been used as required and to the only extent required. There are simplistic flat illustrations across the document that somehow tries to provide some sort of information about what the document is all about.

The colors used here are all fine and look pleasing to the eye and drive attention to the right points where it is needed. Towards the bottom half of the document, however, the colors seem too strong in effect. The top half is however protected from over exposure.

The content is precise and up to the point and points out the major topics that you’d need to know at a quick glance. It is kept mellow. There is a bunch of numbers towards the middle, all of which have been aptly sized and ordered in an eye-catching way.

The headings do stand out and the numbers too, the layout has been totally perfect. The layout brings out the items of importance out on to the reader and helps convey the message faster and without a big deal. This makes it really easy to navigate across the document as well.

Overall, this is a smooth piece of work with efficient and powerful as well as simple design strategies combined with a little of two dimensional and simple art. All topped up with the precise and sufficient content spread across the document with the help of bold and powerful headings. This piece of work brings the attention to itself in a neat little way that helps the reader all through the document.

alimony infographic

Source: newbeginningsfamilylaw.com