What Is CBG Hemp Flower? This

This infographic states the various uses and benefits of a CBG flower. The heading of the topic is given in an attractive uppercase font with a beautiful olive green background. A short description of the topic is given so that the readers can get a gist of the topic that is being discussed. A picture of the actual product and its contents is added in the middle in order to grab the attention of the readers. Some pictures of the ingredients and their contents are also mentioned in percentage. Pictures of other ingredients and their benefits are also given which helps the readers to get detailed information at a glance.

A major comparison theme between the two components is also generated. The chemical formulae and the benefits of both components are given. As usual, the benefits are highlighted through an attractive pictorial representation with a short description of each. The next section highlights the importance of the product and states various reasons why do people use it. Again, the importance is shown through various pictures which are easily understandable in the first attempt. There are pictures given for each importance for easy readability and understandability.

The next section highlights the different methods to use the product. All the procedures are clearly explained through images and short descriptions. In the end, a few contact details and the brand logo are mentioned for visitors who would like to get in touch with the company.

This infographic has generally used attractive images, fonts, and pictures in order to create a major impact in the minds of the readers. This is designed using excellent fonts and background colors which are ideal for creating awareness about a product or service amongst the audience. The pictographic technique used is highly appreciated as it makes it very inviting to read. Visitors can get a lot of information from this little portion.

cbg hemp flower infographic

Source: https://cheefbotanicals.com/product/cbd-hemp-flower-cbg-4g-7g/