Wanna Know Something About Japanese Food?

As soon as you read the centered title you know the infographic will be about noodles. The texts accompanying the title, however, tell you that the presentation will also tackle other Japanese foods hence you are expectant by the time you start with the read. Notable about the title is the bowl of noodles complete with eating sticks that are commonly used in Japan. Considering that noodles are the staple food in the country, any reader headed there would be interested to get familiar beforehand.

The first section goes right into the noodles and the fonts are large enough for comfortable reading. The bulleted facts about each food make reading fun and fast so you grasp what’s important and move to the next. The size of fonts and images are in harmony so none overwhelms the other.

The next major part is all about sushi and starts with a brief history before going into the different types which are again represented by real images and quick easy to read facts. After this the next section is a combination of a fun fact, Portuguese influences and other Japanese foods including rice dishes. The images are mouthwatering and you are even offered a tip on how to eat whatever you order so you do not look strange while in Japan.

Snacks and desserts make the other sections of the infographic and the texts remain consistent all through as well as the good images accompanying them. The most notable thing about the sections is that they are distinguished using noodle like a wavy line so there is a noodle feel all through the display. Orange and black are the dominant colors and the work good together creating an appealing and interesting presentation.


information graphic about japanese food

Source: wendywutours.co.uk