Wanna be a Canadian Mountie? Read this

The infographic is divided into two vertical sections. They both have huge titles running simultaneously, so it is actually hard to tell what the title of the infographic is. The first title is ‘A Mounted History’ and in the second section there is the title ‘How to Become a Mountie’. Unless you know about mounted policemen of Canada, it can get confusing as to what the topics are all about. This would especially be the case if the presentation is not accompanied by any other details or information.

Away from the titles, the bright red color used is very well thought out. It is not only the color of the jacket uniform that the mounted policemen of Canada wear, but also the dominant color of the Canadian flag. It makes the presentation very attractive to the eyes and adds to its appeal for readers to read the contents. It is used to creatively divide the sections, on subheadings and for the uniform images on the display. Some of the texts are also done in the red color, creating a very good break within the texts and ensuring that key points are not missed.

The second section has the most images and is unfortunately not very well organized. The eyes run all over the images and it can be hard to tell them out. It is not clear whether the section is talking about how to be super fit to become a mountie or whether it is talking about the physical abilities test all mounties need to pass.

The background of this infographic cannot be missed. The Canadian flag maple leaf is beautifully sprinkled on the background, making the entire presentation very relevant to the county. However, a little more detail about the topic a bit of clarity of what it is all about would have done it more justice.

data visualization about mounties

Source: canadianaffair.com