Viewing Habits of the 60 Somethings

A very simple and rather the most intelligent way to communicate the message and urge the reader to read the graphic! The info graphic really impresses with the following points and captures the very ways of being called a great graphic:


A very simple and sober attempt that shows the clear and colored backgrounds to attract the human eyes to it! The design is put up in the simple format of questions and answers that makes it even more tempting to read.


The very way of making the whole content in the form of question and answers needs effort on the part of the creator. The creator puts the queries of the readers in the questions and then answers them. This makes it easy for the customers to get their questions answered straightforwardly and the answers are clear to them. This makes the content a win-win strategy.


The fonts of the graphic are also thought upon carefully. The questions are numbered from 1 to 10 and the size is the tool that makes these numbers more visible and the question-answer pattern of the layout more evident to the customer. The fonts make it easy for the human eye to stop and compel it to read the content fully.

Overall analysis:

The graphic has been made by a mastermind person who knows how to attract and retain the reader’s interest in the graphic. This is sure to merge traffic and the responses are going to be hefty. The efforts are really commendable and the research that has been done is also appreciated. The idea is prepared in such a way that it gets restored in the memory of the reader for a long time as the format is simple. This is what makes it a response creator.

beautiful charts about viewing habits