Transitioning from Traditional Cigarettes to eCigarettes

With the ‘no smoking’ campaign gaining huge momentum all across the world, people are earnestly looking for alternatives and e-cigs or vapes seem to be the possible solution. And this work briefly describes the ill impacts of cigarettes and how e-cigs can bring about a difference in the lifestyle of the people.

Design: semi-formal design as the main target audience is the smokers or their near and dear ones. It is neither too gray nor too bright as the main objective is to get across the information to the general readers and not someone looking for some cool stuff. Basic images and symbols have been used along with the data that is being presented.

Presentation: The presentation is simple, with no special effects. The infographic quite briefly details the consequences due to the continual inhaling of nicotine and how e-cigs can prove to be a solution to the problem. It contains one long cigarette in the middle and the facts like prices, benefits, etc. are presented along both the sides of the cig. The stats related to cigarette smoking, like toxins included, cases of illness due to cigs and other effects of cig smoking are included. This piece also presents the results of a recent survey.

Structure: The infografic has a regular rectangular shape and can be quite conveniently used on social media, blogs, informational and motivational sites, etc. for imparting important information as well as stuff for light reading. There are two main sections in the which contain the entire information to be imparted.

Color – It has two basic background colors – matte yellow and Maya blue. A few other colors have been used for the sketches, and the symbols and texts are mostly in black and white for the ease of the readers. The use of minimalist colors makes the inforgraphic semi-casual but not too stylish.

ecigarettes information graphic