Top 10 Brands that have been Mentioned in a Song

The infographic looks informative and attractive. It does provide a crisp description about the various designer brands in pop songs. The entire format looks impressive; however, the background filled with black color looks dull. Colors like blue, white, green, etc could have been selected. In short mild and light colors would have made it more attractive.

The color of the boxes which is light and dark orange is great and brings about a decent approach to the information. Besides the wording, a picture of the singers or pop artist who sings the song could have made the information more interesting to read. Also, a video link of the song can be added to make it more interesting to read.

One of the most interesting aspects of the infographic was the minute or summarized information of the bags or designer clothes. It gave a brief description of what the designer brand is about and how much famous it is. The selection of musical instruments in the background as clip art is impressive. It really matched with the information that is presented, which is about music.

In addition, the list could have more informative by adding more songs or lyrics that contain some of the world famous brands. Also, what could make the information more interesting to read, is the popularity of the brands like what kind of shoes, purses, or clothing line, etc the brands represent. Plus, tidbit information about the singers and their best and favorite songs can make the information present more interesting to read.

Frankly, the genre of the song or what kind of song and when they were realized can also be added. It would help the readers to know more about the song and how much popular the song is and if whether it was a best seller or not. In short, compared to other infographics available online and related to music, this one looks interesting and classic but still lacks certain major points or enhancements to make it more attractive and juicy to read.

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